27'859 m²

Grow in all directions

Occupancy from 2024

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perron, floor 5
perron, floor 4
perron, floor 3
perron, floor 2
perron, floor 1
perron, ground floor
The precisely developed architectural language of perron shows what the imposing building wants: to be generous and varied; to create plenty of space for commercial success; to act as a beacon for Lucerne as a top business location, including internationally.

If the only way is up, extensive floors 2 to 5 each offer 3,220 m² of space. For companies that prefer to grow closer to or even at ground-level, the basement floor with its warm design and unusual two-storey arcade offers 5,072 m² of floor space for ambitious retailers, restaurateurs and service providers.

In total, around 18,000 m² of floor space will be available in the building. And if as an SME you want to lease 200 m²+ of space in this prestigious complex, you can do so too. As a retailer, just 100 m² is enough.